House of Blues (Foundation Room), 8430 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, California 90069

On Thursday, October 8, Street Dogs Marketing helped host a night of enchantment at the House of Blues called “Alice in Scaryland.” This event took place over the entire upstairs level (the “Foundation Room”). Our goal was to re-create the surreal, twisted world of Alice with a slightly seductive, sultry edge! This wonderland was be a maze throughout all seven areas of the Foundation Room. From body painting to hookah lounges, live statues, to “Drink Me” potions, there was much for the eye to see!

All net proceeds were donated to APLA.


Street Dogs and Master Escape Artist Curtis Lovell will be teaming up for another adrenaline rushing performance at Pico Park in the city of Grand Terrace, California. During last year’s Halloween, he performed Houdini’s, “Buried Alive” in front of 1500 participants. On October 30th, 2009, Curtis will perform the stunt called, “Hangman”, where he finds himself suspended in the air a hundred and seventy feet off the ground and in a straitjacket. The very rope that is strapped to his feet will then be lit on fire, pushing his composure to the edge. As soon as the straitjacket is off, Curtis will be handcuffed and lowered into a tank of water as part of the second performance. The tank will then be sealed off and Curtis will find himself on the verge of another brilliant performance.


Street Dogs worked with Planeta Wrigley’s at Whittier Narrows Park in Rosemead, CA. Children were able to play and participate in numerous activities scattered around the park. Just to name a few, there was rockwall climbing, a eurobungee, a basketball challenge court, and a soccer challenge court. Approximately 100,000 people attended the yearly event!


Street Dogs helped implement National Train Day at Union Station in Los Angeles. Train stations across the nation held festive events and encouraged the public to learn about traveling by train and be entertained at the same time. This yearly event included guest speakers, live performances, tours, and information booths.